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Morokulien - a place of peace in borderland

DX-NL 1301 July 18, 2002 DX News Letter - a free weekly service of DARC Committee "DX and HF Contesting" :
MOROKULIEN, LG5LG/SJ9WL : Uwe, DL6MPG, and Karsten, DL8MUG, plan to visit the station of LG5LG/SJ9WL from Jul 21-28. Though these calls are not valid for the IOTA award they still expect some "small" pile-up's.

and YEPP... we were there...

found at http://www.darc.de/referate/dx/bulls/dxnl/2001/dxnl1254.htm

Map Only a few people know Morokulien. It is situated at the border between Norway and Sweden at the old royal route from St Petersburg to Oslo. 300 years ago the Swedish and Norwegian (Danish) soldiers had a fierce battle at the entrenchment of Ed. In 1914 Swedish and Norwegian peace friends erected a 18m high peace monument made of grey granite with the inscription "Future wars between Skandinavian brothers will be impossible" added by the Swedish king Oskar II.

Another explanation comes from Stefan, SM4YRH :
I believe the word "Moro" comes from the Norvegian word "morsom", that means nice, or fun. The word "Kul" is Swedish and means "fun". Maybe the word "Kulien" could come from the 2 swedish words "kul igen" that means "fun again".

A peaceful area developped around this monument since then. Moro is the Swedish word for 'joy', Kulien means the same in Norvegian and both words together make the name Morokulien. Meanwhile this became also a large centre for handicapped people.

Amateur radio : Prefix LG or SJ, no extra DXCC entity. In 1968 some amateurs wanted to help handicapped people out of an isolated situation and built up an amateur radio clubstation with the call LG5LG. Then some Swedish amateurs attended and a cooperation across the border started using the call SK9WL. The border cottage was not in use, it was planned taken away. Radio amateurs from both countries occupied it, cleaned it and made an amateur station there which can be used also by handicapped people. SK9WL was replaced with SJ9WL and in this way both callsigns became very special presumably being the only clubstation in the world licensed by two countries.

Informations are (c) by http://www.east.no/priv/la7tia/arim

old house In the Summer of 1968 some amateurs met at Morokulien to try to continue some of the ideas of Hyland and Kolstad (the program leaders of the programme in 1959). They wanted to provide money for an education program to help handicapped people out of an isolated situation, helped by amateur lisence. The signaturen LG5LG was run from the shack "Brennastua" in Morokulien. "Brennastua" is an old travel site (museum today) at Morokulien. Swedish amateurs attended and a cooperation across the border started. In the beginning they used the signature SK9WL, a Swedish Clubsignature. The border cottage was not in use, it was planned taken away. Radio amateurs from both countries occupied it, cleaned it and made an amateur station there. This is probably the worlds most peaceful occupation, and the amateurs still "occupies" it after 30 years. The signature SK9WL was replaced with SJ9WL, and in this way both signatures become very special. The border shack of today are restored and fit for handicapped people.

Huge changes are made at Morokulien the latest years. A cooperation between the border communities in Sweden and Norway is improved. Today a modern information centre is build on the borderline. The border line passes through the entrance of this building. You will here find some nice ladies who give you information. A curiosity for stamp collectors: You can send letters and cards with Norwegian AND Swedish stamps, and post it signed with the print of Morokulien.

Booking manager SM 4 IM

If you are a radioamateur, and wish to use our station in Morokulien, please contact our booking manager.

SM4IM Enar Jansson, G„rdesgatan 5. SE 67331 Charlottenberg.

Enar can be reached per letter, or call :
(+46 571 20093. or EMAIL sm4im@svessa.se

Enar will give you the a list over ordering at the custom-station, where the keys will be given to whoever shows up. There will also be a possibility to visit the station, the people at the station can give you the keys if the cabin is available.



Rules for Morokulien AWARD

4 - four contacts with Morokulien. 2 - two conacts with both signatures LG5LG/SJ9WL. The contacts must be made on different bands on different days, and contact via repeater does not count. Request for AWARD can be sent to QSL manager SM5DJZ Jan Hallenberg, Vassunda Andersberg SE-741 91 Knivsta SWEDEN together with a copy of your log with runned contacts. The award costs NOK/SEK 50,00.

QSL Manager

Those who wants QSL card from Morokulien have to send their own card. QSL Manager will not send by the log, he only respond to received cards. Card can be sent by buro, or direct to QSL-manager of LG5LG and SJ9WL.

Jan Hallenberg
Vassunda Andersberg

QSL Card

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